Oil Change

$44.99 Synthetic Oil Change

Be sure your car is in good health!

For faster service call ahead for an appointment.Most cars/light trucks. Oil changes include up to 5 quarts of motor oil and new oil filter. Cannot combine with any other offer. Limited time only.

oil change

If you want the vehicle you drive to last as long as possible, the number one thing you can do is change the oil at the recommended intervals. Changing the oil and filter regularly is the best way to extend the life of your engine, and while oil changes may not guarantee trouble free performance, they do go a long way.

It does not matter what kind of car you drive or how you drive it – when you need an oil change, you can rely on the automotive experts at Motor Works Auto to protect your engine and help your vehicle last longer. Motor Works Auto is your dealership alternative in the Central Minnesota region – no need to pay high dealer prices to protect your engine.

Servicing All Makes and Models

At Motor Works Auto, we service all makes and models, so you can rely on our expertise no matter what kind of vehicle you own. We service all makes and models of domestic vehicles, but we also have specific expertise in European makes and models. All of our technicians are highly trained and fully professional, and they offer factory level service without the high cost of taking your vehicle to the dealership.

Keep Your Car on Schedule

The number one thing you can do to protect your engine is stick to the recommended oil change schedule. If you do not know your oil change schedule, just check with Motor Works Auto for recommendations and advice. We can design an oil change schedule that works for you, so you can hit the road with confidence and keep your vehicle in service for as long as possible.

Over time, the oil coursing through your engine loses its ability to lubricate the moving parts inside. As those lubricating qualities are reduced, the chances of costly damage go up, and so do the odds of an unexpected breakdown. By changing the oil and filter regularly, you can avoid this potential damage and extend the useful life of your engine.

The Right Oil for Your Vehicle

At Motor Works Auto, we service all makes and models, and we use the right oil for your vehicle. Not all oil is the same, and we know what it takes to protect your engine and the critical moving parts inside.

When you bring your vehicle to us, we will make sure your car, truck or SUV gets the right oil, along with a quality filter to protect the engine and keep you on the road. You can rely on us for expert oil changes done fast – just give us a call or stop by for the service you need.