Belts & Hoses


The vehicle you drive is home to dozens of critical components, but the belts and hoses are among the most important. The failure of a single hose could cause your vehicle to overheat during the hot Minnesota summer – or even leave you stranded by the side of the road.

Having a belt break prematurely can be just as bad, and even more expensive. Whether it is the central timing belt or one of the many other belts under the hood, a premature failure will be costly.

The Power of Prevention

That is why it is so important for every driver to check their belts and hoses on a regular basis. Belts and hoses rarely break or fail out of the blue – they provide their fair share of warning signs.

If you know what to look for, you can replace those worn out belts and hoses before they break – saving you time, money and trouble. If you notice that your belts are cracked, dry, brittle, or broken, it is time to call the automotive experts at Motor Works Auto for a repair or replacement.

Are Your Hoses Leaking?

Just like belts, hoses rarely fail all at once. Over time, worn hoses may develop bulges and weak spots, and those problems can be detected with a careful inspection.

Take a few minutes to look under the hood, checking your hoses for signs of premature wear and other problems. If you notice any bulges or weak spots, Motor Works Auto can help with a timely replacement.

You should also check for leaks that could signal weak spots and the imminent failure of one or more hoses. When you pull your car out of its parking space, take a look at the ground ro garage floor. If you notice any fluid leakage or other residue, it is time to get some service. Just give Motor Works Auto a call and let us find the leak, replace the hose and get you back on the road fast.

Servicing All Makes and Models

Motor Works Auto is your Central Minnesota dealership alterative, but unlike the dealership we service all makes and models, even fancy European sports cars and sedans. Whether you drive an import or a domestic vehicle, we have a solution for all your belt and hose needs. From replacements for worn out belts and hoses to preventative maintenance to keep you on the road, you can rely on Motor Works Auto for all your car care needs.