Whether you drive a hot new sports car or a practical and safe SUV, when you cannot stop properly, nothing else matters. The quality of your brakes plays a vital role in the safety of yourself and your passengers, and you cannot afford to leave their safety to chance.

From disc brakes to drums, the automotive experts at Motor Works Auto can examine the health of your braking system and make sure you preserve your stopping power. Whether you suspect a problem with your braking system or just want extra peace of mind, we are always here to help.

Find and Fix Brake System Leaks

Even a small leak in your braking system could limit your stopping power and put your passengers at risk. It is not always easy to find those small leaks, but the experts at Motor Works Auto can pinpoint the problem and fix it fast.

We offer factory level expertise and service without the high cost of taking your vehicle to the dealership. As your Central Minnesota dealership alternative, we have what it takes to find those brake system leaks and keep you safer behind the wheel.

Brake Lining Replacement

Some parts of your braking system, like the brake lining, need to be replaced at regular intervals. Every time you stop, your brake lining brings your vehicle to a safe and secure halt, and over time, that lining begins to deteriorate.

If you hear a squealing sound when you step on the brakes, your lining may need to be replaced. Just give Motor Works Auto a call today to schedule your brake lining replacement.

Expert Brake System Repairs

From the smallest tweaks to the largest repairs, the automotive experts at Motor Works Auto have what it takes to preserve your stopping power and keep you and your passengers safer behind the wheel. Whether you have a small leak in your brake line or need a major overhaul of your disc or drum brakes, we are always here to help.

At Motor Works Auto, we are dedicated to the safety of our customers. We know the importance of a quality braking system, and we have the training and expertise needed to maintain and enhance your stopping power. With factory level service, professionalism and an ongoing commitment to customer service, we have what it takes to keep you and your passengers protected. Just stop by or give us a call today.