If you care about the environment and the earth your children will inherent, you have a vested interest in the efficiency of the vehicle you drive. Whether you prefer the exceptional fuel economy and green carbon footprint of a hybrid or the convenience of a gasoline or diesel powered engine, keeping your exhaust system in great shape can improve the fuel economy and efficiency of the vehicle.

At Motor Works Auto, we specialize in all kinds of exhaust system service, from top to bottom inspections of your exhaust system to quality repairs and replacement of worn parts. Whether you need a new catalytic converter or a whole new exhaust system, we are here to provide the service your vehicle needs and deserves.

Warning Signs of an Exhaust System

Modern exhaust systems are designed to work in unison, reducing tailpipe emissions and allowing your vehicle to run as clean and green as possible. The interconnected nature of the modern exhaust system means that the failure of a single component can reduce its efficiency, creating problems for you and the environment.

It is not always easy to detect a problem with the emission system, but there are a few signs to look out for. If you hear a noise coming from under the vehicle, you could have loose fittings somewhere in the exhaust. If your vehicle is running louder than it used to, it could be a faulty muffler or catalytic converter. If you notice any of these problems, the professional technicians at Motor Works Auto will find the problem, make the right repairs and restore the efficiency of the entire exhaust system.

Emissions Testing

If you want to know how well your vehicle is running, you can have your emissions system tested. Emissions testing is the best way to ensure the efficiency of your exhaust system, and that testing is always a smart place to start.

When you bring your vehicle to Motor Works Auto, we will test the entire exhaust system, from the fuel mixture to the emissions coming out of the tailpipe. If everything is working as it should be, you will get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that. If something is not right, we will make repair recommendations based on our experience and expertise.

Your Dealership Alternative

At Motor Works Auto, we are your Central Minnesota dealership alternative. We specialize in true factory level service at an affordable price, and you can rely on us for the quality exhaust system service you need.

Your exhaust system is an integral part of your vehicle, and it is important to keep it running its best. When your exhaust system needs repaired, just drive in to Motor Works Auto for the expert service you need.