Air Conditioning and Heating


As a resident of Central Minnesota, you are familiar with the extremes of Mother Nature. In this part of the world, winter can linger long into what would otherwise be springtime, with snow in April and frost even in May. At the same time, those Minnesota summers can be downright brutal, with temps in the 90s and high levels of humidity.

With so many weather challenges, you need to make sure the vehicle you drive is ready to handle the extremes. That means having your air conditioning system charged and ready to go when the weather breaks, and checking your heater well before the first frost of the year arrives.

Keeping You Comfortable All Year Long

At Motor Works Auto, we specialize in keeping you comfortable all year long. We can service your entire air conditioning and heating system, giving you one less thing to worry about as you traverse the highways and byways of Central Minnesota.

You can think of Motor Works Auto as your dealership alternative in the Central Minnesota region. Every one of our automotive technicians is a professional, and we are dedicated to your service and satisfaction. We specialize in providing you with the factory level service your vehicle deserves – but without the high cost of dealer service.

Air Conditioning and Heating Service for All Makes and Models

Every vehicle, from the most budget friendly to the highest end, deserves a great air conditioning system and heater. Whether you are driving an old beater of a pickup truck or a brand new SUV, you deserve to stay comfortable behind the wheel in all kinds of weather conditions.

At Motor Works Auto, we are proud to service all makes and models, even those fancy European imports. Our highly trained technicians have experience servicing all kinds of vehicles, and our state of the art diagnostic equipment can pinpoint heating and cooling problems that might otherwise go unnoticed.

From Simple Recharges to Major Repairs

Whether your air conditioning system needs a simple recharge before the heat of summer arrives or your automotive heater needs a complete rebuild, Motor Works Auto can provide you with what you need. No job is too large, or too small, and you can rely on us to preserve your comfort through every season of the year.

Driving in Central Minnesota can be challenging, with changing weather conditions and a unique climate. From the start of the year to the end, you rely on your heating and air conditioning to keep you comfortable, and you can rely on Motor Works Auto to keep you safe and comfortable behind the wheel.