Steering & Suspension


From keeping you safe on the road to making you comfortable behind the wheel, your steering and suspension play an important role every time you drive. Those steering and suspension components are among the most critical in your vehicle, and it is important to give them the care and consideration they deserve.

Whether you need a thorough inspection of your steering and suspension in preparation for a long road trip or a minor repair after hitting a Minnesota pothole, the automotive experts at Motor Works Auto are always here to help. At Motor Works Auto, we offer true factory level service at a price you can afford, and unlike your local dealership, we service all makes and models, including European imports.

Your Local Dealership Alternative

The quality of your steering and suspension is important to us, and it is just as important to us. At Motor Works Auto, we are your dealership alternative in the Central Minnesota region. We serve the entire region, and we offer expert steering system and suspension diagnostics and repairs for all types of vehicles.

From the smallest repairs to the largest overhauls, we can provide the steering and suspension system service you need. Whether your vehicle is no longer tracking straight or the suspension feels a bit spongy, just bring your car, truck or SUV to us for an expert diagnostic and the fastest repairs.

Helping You Survive the Winter – and the Spring

The winters in Central Minnesota are legendary, and the spring season can be just as bad. By the time the ice and snow have melted, the first potholes of the season have started to appear.

If you hit one of those potholes, you can easily damage your suspension, your steering, or both. When that happens, you can rely on the expert staff at Motor Works Auto to set things right. We will use our state of the art diagnostic equipment to find the source of your steering and suspension problems, and we will make repair recommendations to keep you safer on the road.

A Commitment to Customer Service

When you have a problem with your steering and suspension, you cannot afford to wait. From excessive play in the steering wheel to damaged struts and springs, these issues are more than just annoying – they can put your safety at risk.

If something does not seem right, just bring your vehicle to Motor Works Auto for a fast repair and expert diagnosis. From simple repairs to major issues, we have the expertise and experienced needed to fix even the most complex steering and suspension issues.