Whether the tires you are riding on are brand new or nearly ready for replacement, you need to make sure they are properly aligned. If your front end is out of alignment, your stopping distances will be increased, your vehicle will not handle as it should and the safety of yourself and your passengers will be put at risk.

It is not always easy to know when your front end is out of alignment, so it is important to have your vehicle inspected by a professional. At Motor Works Auto, we are your Central Minnesota dealership alternative, with all the experience and expertise of the dealership – but without those high dealer prices.

Checking Your Alignment

When you bring your vehicle to Motor Works Auto, we will use our modern equipment to check your alignment and make any necessary adjustments. Even if you only suspect your vehicle is out of alignment, it is important to have it checked, even if just for your peace of mind.

While problems with alignment are not always apparent, there are some signs and symptoms to watch out for. You can start by seeing how your vehicle tracks on a perfectly straight road – if the steering wheel shimmies or the vehicle pulls to one side, it is probably time for an expert alignment.

Are Your Tires Wearing Evenly?

You can also tell a lot about the alignment of your vehicle by looking at the tread wear on your tires. If your vehicle is properly aligned, your tires should wear evenly, with no uneven tread wear patterns. If you notice an unevenness in your tread wear pattern, it is time to have your vehicle’s alignment checked by the professionals at Motor Works Auto.

At Motor Works Auto, we service all makes and models, including specific expertise with European vehicles. Whether you drive a European sports car or a domestic pickup truck, you can trust your vehicle, and its alignment, to Motor Works Auto.

Protecting You Behind the Wheel

You have a lot riding on your tires, and the protection of your vehicle and your passengers relies on the quality of those tires. When you bring your vehicle to Motor Works Auto for an expert alignment, you can enjoy real peace of mind, knowing that your passengers are protected and you will have the maneuverability and stopping power you need to stay safer behind the wheel.

Whether you need an expert alignment, a quick fix after hitting one of Minnesota’s legendary potholes or some extra peace of mind, you can rely on the automotive experts at Motor Works Auto. Just stop by or give us a call for all your alignment needs.